Guillain-Barré & Associated

Inflammatory Neuropathies

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Management Team

The management team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Charity. The office-based team comprises Caroline Morrice (Director), Gill Ellis (Marketing & Engagement) and Sarah Sismey (Community Liaison). David Wada, our Treasurer, is the other member of the team who provides the financial oversight.


The Charity's office is in Heckington near Sleaford, Lincolnshire and is responsible for its day-to-day running. Information technology has brought many changes to the work of the office with a significant broadening of the functions of the office, leaving the trustees to concentrate on strategy and governance.

As well as dealing with the day to day enquiries and general administration, the office is responsible for the provision of information. The office is made aware of new patients from a variety of sources, including enquiries on our website, letters/faxes, calls to the helpline, e-mails, the office telephone, and from local contacts and hospitals. Packs are sent to enquirers without delay, and include information about GBS, CIDP and all their variants and the services offered by the Charity. Continuing support is available on our website and forum, through the 24 hour helpline or by a local contact. These services are run from the office. The volunteers who man the helpline, or act as local contacts, are themselves former sufferers with knowledge of the illness from a personal vantage. The support of sufferers and their families either through information on our website or by the local volunteers remains the core function of this charity.

All publications on medical aspects are written by specialists who are members of our Medical Advisory Board. The office maintains a programme of review of the publications to ensure that they are up to date.

The Charity publishes a quarterly magazine, gain4all.

The office maintains up to date briefing materials to help raise awareness of the condition. The charity is happy to provide briefings in hospitals and training schools, but new ways of spreading awareness of the condition are being explored.

Many of our members and friends take part in fund-raising events. The charity officer is responsible for providing advice and assistance. Leaflets and t-shirts can be provided free of charge to those taking part. The office is currently planning a major campaign to raise funds for research in our gainamillion appeal.

The support of research into the causes and treatment of GBS and CIDP is our other role. The office acts as the secretariat for the peer review of research project applications by the medical advisory board and then liaises with those undertaking research.


Office Staff and Contact Details

Director Caroline Morrice director@gaincharity.org.uk

Caroline is responsible to the board of trustees for the day-to-day running of the charity. She is also an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees and the Medical Advisory Board and acts as secretary of the peer review process for research projects. Additionally Caroline is a Trustee of the Neurological Alliance.






Marketing & Engagement Gill Ellis gill.ellis@gaincharity.org.uk

Gill is responsible for the charity's marketing and engagement, helping those raising funds through provision of marketing materials and direct support.  Ensuring our publications are current, editing your magazine gain4all and maintaining the website as well as posting on our social media platforms.  


General queries office@gaincharity.org.uk